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Jewelry Sale Advisors offers a legacy of 65 years in the jewelry business, conducting going out of business sales, jewelry liquidation and promotional sales, turnaround and crisis management, retirement planning, marketing consultation and inventory management for jewelry stores, and appraisals.

Georgia jeweler closes shop, liquidates

National Jeweler [ March 10, 2010 ]

Lavonia, Ga.– After 57 years in business, Andrews Jewelers of Lavonia, Ga., has closed shop, ending its operations with a final sale that the jeweler’s liquidation company says exceeded projections by 59 percent.

The store owner, Francis Andrews, closed the store because she was retiring from the jewelry business. She considered selling the operation, but with little interest from prospective buyers, and no family members prepared to take ownership, Andrews opted to close shop and run a liquidation sale with assistance from Jewelry Sale Advisors, which operates offices in Charleston, S.C., Manhattan and Saskatoon, Canada, and provides guidance to store owners seeking to turn around a business, sell off unwanted inventory, or liquidate an entire store.

The sale event realized an increase of 91 percent over projection and 59 percent over Andrews’s average annual volume, a press release from Jewelry Sale Advisors said. Silverman said it created a professional sales plan for Andrews and brought in additional merchandise for the sale, since the store’s inventory levels were down after the Christmas selling season. Silverman also compiled a marketing plan that included the use of print, radio and sign walker programs.

The sale event allowed Andrews to maintain margins of 50 percent, the jeweler stated in the release.

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