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“It is my pleasure to recommend Jewelry Advisors. Their performance working as consultants on the Whitehall Jewelers liquidation deal proved that they would be a valuable addition to other jewelry asset recovery projects.” Mark Funasaki, Whitehall Jewellers

The best way for the jeweler to convert his store’s assets into the maximum amount of cash is by a sale to the public conducted by Jewelry Sale Advisors.

A Jewelry Sale Advisors conducted sale can produce sales volume in a matter of weeks equal to or greater than the entire annual volume of the store and will provide the jeweler with the maximum net cash return possible on inventory.

Jewelry Sale Advisors’s sales have consistently produced far better than dollar for dollar net cash return on the jeweler inventory. This is often a better result than if the store had been sold as a going concern.

The true and compelling reason for the sale is developed and linked to a marketing and promotional plan which is custom made by our in house staff, based on research into demographics, local competition and economy, store image and history, media and promotional opportunities.

A sale plan and step-by-step calendar of events is developed for the sale covering all aspects, from advertising and pricing to store set-up and signage, employee training, operational policies and expense control.

Selling your inventory is our prime concern. However, arrangements are made where appropriate, to provide supplemental merchandise on consignment to fill voids in the store’s inventory and assure that all price points are covered. Goods are of a quality appropriate for the store and are priced to allow the jeweler a good profit while offering value to the public. Having a depth of inventory is often a key factor in the success of a sale, especially where the objective is to do your annual volume in a manner of weeks.

Jewelry Sale Advisors’s supervisor works closely with the store’s owner and employees during all aspects of the sale. A truly effective sale is a dynamic event, and the supervisor manages the advertising campaign, pricing and merchandising during each phase of the sale, while being a strong contributor to customer sales as well.

Our reputation has been built on our ability to achieve the maximum return on assets while preserving the good reputation of the store and its owners with customers and community. We are truly sensitive to the many customer, family, employee, financial and emotional aspects that often accompany a store closing and will be there with you each step of the way.