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jewelry consultant, Jewelry Sale Advisors, can help you sell your jewelry inventory with a jewelry going out of business sale

Retire in style.

Looking toward retirement should be a time of joy and anticipation, yet many jewelry store owners
retirement without a clear plan for closing their store. As jewelry consultants experienced in

exit strategies for
jewelry stores, Silverman can help you plan for the future and help relieve the
worry of whether you’ve earned enough for a comfortable retirement.

Worry-free retirement for jewelers

Madison Jewelers store closing saleWhen Sam Rubin decided to retire and close R&A Jewelers after 84 years in business, he thought about going it alone. But after doing some research and learning how the jewelry sales consultant team at Jewelry Sale Advisors could help, he was convinced Silverman Consultants was best equipped to help close his jewelry store. According to Sam, hiring Silverman allowed him to both honor his long-time customers and position the family for a comfortable retirement. 

The professionals at Silverman have a long tradition in the jewelry business, and we recognize the challenges inherent in closing your business. We have the experience to create a sale that works for your store, design marketing plans aimed at your customer base and, where appropriate, can bring in additional inventory to supplement what’s already available.

As happened with R&A Jewelers, it’s possible for a well-planned sale to exceed a store’s previous annual sales volume.  Just ask Sam Rubin…

“Hiring Silverman to assist me with the closing of my business may be one of the best business decisions that I have ever made.” ~ Sam Rubin, R&A Jewelers

Find out how Silverman has helped other jewelers retire the way they’d always dreamed … or contact us to discuss how we can specifically help you retire from the jewelry business.